Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boarding the handbasket - a trip from despair to enlightenment

It seems like boarding is almost complete and within a few weeks we should be ready to go but contrary to some who already see humanity going straight into a new dark age my view on the upcoming disintegration of the global system is that we're going down in order to gain speed, throw outdated concepts and structures overboard and take off into a new paradigm.

Even though we are facing a very challenging transition phase there actually is also some good news in different areas of research. Since I focused a lot on the "big picture view" in my other blogs I will use this one to put a spotlight on a very particular subject :

I wanted to use this blog to highlight on the research of Dr. Dieter Broers who is a german bio physician and an expert in the area of the application of electromagnetic fields on the human brain. Over the last 20 years he developed devices which help patients to get into a special state of consciousness which could otherwise only be achieved by psychedelic substances. In this state of consciousness which he describes as "standing at the door between the conscious and the subconscious mind" it is possible to come to insights about the root causes for illnesses or psychological problems the patient is struggeling with. By understanding the deeper reasoning behind their illness the patients can then take measures to resolve the root cause of their problems.

When I first learned about his method I was pretty stunned because when I "left the Matrix" I went through several very intense transformative experiences within a period of about 3 weeks. Besides several unintended out of body experiences, the usual Messiah complex and experiencing what I would refer to as "universal consciousness" I also had the distinct experience of "breaking though the wall to my own subconscious" and the insights I came to during this breakthrough experience were at the core of my own transformation. It was pretty much the turning point where I managed to put things back together again and understood "who I really am" and that I had to start dealing with my own dark side hidden in my subconscious.

Now here comes the really interesting part of the story : Over the last years Dieter Broers finetuned his work and discovered that the frequencies he was using in his device were very similar to the frequencies that are emitted from the gamma-ray bursts from the galactic center as well as solar flares from our sun.

Once you combine this with the discovery of NASA released in December 2008 that within the last years the earth's magnetosphere unexpectedly developed a breach that is four times wider that Earth's diameter which reduces the shielding from radiation from outer space ( NASA article ) then you have to ask yourself, if there might be a connection.

This reduced shielding seems to be a double-edged sword : If you are living directly beneath this hole you might be subject to unpleasant radiation which your skin might react to in an undesirable way but for the rest of the planet there seems to be a positive effect as the reduced shielding will allow the entry and distribution of frequencies which can help to elevate human consciousness to a new level. If the same frequencies that Dr. Broers uses in his device are collectively applied to all of humanity...What could happen ? Maybe a spontaneous evolution ? A collective enlightenment ?

The complete research of Dr. Dieter Broers is currently only available in a german book titled "Revolution 2012" so this might only be of interest for people familiar with german language. He also gave a very interesting radio interview - also only in german - which is available for free here : CropFM Interview
For those who do not speak german there might be some good news aswell : He summarized his findings in a documentary which was shown at Cannes 2009 and will be released in Germany on DVD this november - hopefully also with an english soundtrack :

The interesting part will be how we manage to build our pathway into the future based on the mess we have gotten ourselves into. The main question for me still is whether we are granted the option of a "fast path solution" which I see at least some potential for or whether we will go for the "long and winding road" which pretty much follows the time schedule that Clif High and his webbot are predicting. I decided to prepare for the latter and still keep all my focus on the first because I think there is reason for this hope :

If you look at how much could have gone wrong over the last two years alone and how incredibly small chances were that we managed to maintain system stability for so long then there is reason to believe that we will experience another highly unlikely event which could transform the mess we got ourselves into rather quickly. But one thing is certain : The system we currently live in will have to fail and it has to fail in such an obvious and shocking way that the majority of the people who manage to survive the experience of this crash will have no desire to rebuild a similar system but will rather be open for completely new concepts of organizing society.

As far as a resolution of the chaos and despair we will find ourselves in shortly is concerned I pretty much support all aspects of Clif High's recent reports - except for his timing because I think we should aim to shorten the transition phase significantly in order to reduce global suffering. We will have to re-organize ourselves in a decentralized way, we will have to completely abolish the concept of central control because it is the corruption of centralized control that has gotten us in this mess and we will not solve it just by replacing the old corrupt leaders with new corrupt leaders. The only way will be to completely abolish the system and since the majority of the people will not understand the necessity for this step we might have to watch the system destroy itself first before we can start over.

Interesting times ahead...Let's get comfortable in our handbasket and do our part in setting the course it takes

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My current big picture view

I'll to try to tie in some of the core aspects of my view of our world into a holistic big picture without ending up writing a book about it.

As quantum physics has shown, we can change our external world on the small scale simply by observing it (duality of wave and particle). So our thoughts and expectation do not only affect our perception of reality but also reality itself. A direct observation of cause and effect seems to work only in the quantum world while in normal everyday life our thoughts appear to have no effect on our external world. In our newtonian world view we require an instant cause-effect relationship and the idea that our thoughts create our reality with a certain timedelay does not fit in the picture.

Denying "mind over matter" enables you to deny responsiblity for your own thoughts and it deprives you of your own power to create the reality you desire. This is in the interest of those who know about the secret laws this reality is based upon and who intend to control it through this knowledge. Keeping the masses in ignorance and ridicule about the power of thought is the basis to set up a deceitful mind prison :

Instead of creating external reality based upon internal desires the process is reversed and external reality is accepted as a given limiting any thoughts to fit to the appearant constraint of external reality. This way external reality is created according to what is considered possible and the information about what is possible is taken from the outlets of mainstream reality : The mass media and the educational system

This denial of possibilities which go beyond the current paradigm by the vast majority of the human population ensures the creation of a corresponding reality of lack and limitation. Even though many creative individuals have made groundbreaking discoveries in areas like free energy or alternative medicine which could solve human suffering on a large scale, a roleout into the mainstream is circumvented by the limiting beliefs in the human mass consciousness.

When perceiving the world from this perspective the "powers that be" are only playing the role to hinder the manifestation of individual creative thoughts in mainstream reality which do not fit into the limited world view of the masses. Nevertheless creative thoughts can manifest in compartmentalized realities like black government projects or other places which do not draw any public attention to them.

Over the last decades we experienced a self-reinforcing process : As human consciousness raised and more and more people showed interest in "forbidden" knowledge this lead to the allowence of further distribution of this knowledge by new manifestations like the internet. Even with the internet a compartmentalization of knowledge was possible because there is so much useless information on it that you only find valuable information if you are really looking for it. In case you accidentially stumble upon information you are not yet ready to conceive, your own mind will filter it out for you due to the mind control by the mass media, which tells you what is real and what is not.

Even though we have this self-reinforcing system which is telling everybody what to believe is real, the amount of people who are not buying the "fake reality" anymore is increasing and by that the veil of consciousness which is separating the still compartmentalized "realities of creative thought" from mainstream reality is becoming more and more transparent.

The final raising of this veil will be a complex event as this reality shift requires changes on multiple levels of reality at once. It also means the merger of all these formerly compartmentalized realities with mainstream reality which will lead to a completely different world : Extra-terrestrial/Extra-dimensional life, free energy, teleportation, you name it, all the topics from your favourite science fiction movies will become part of your future, as long as you are willing to make the required leap.

This required leap is a shift in consciousness about how we perceive our entire reality because if we were given all these new opportunities and continued to perceive ourselves as seperate from the world and each other we would simply use them to completely destroy ourselves. So before these new opportunities become available we have to understand some of the basic principles of our reality and life itself. It is only after we take responsibility for our thoughts and actions that we can step into our own power of deliberate co-creation of reality.

Since the current system increasingly shifted responsibility from the individual towards big government we ended up with an infantile population that is feeling powerless and projects all their hope to fix the problems towards their goverment, which can not live up to these expections as it has become so corrupt and hypocritical that it will simply disintegrate once the mass consciousness is ready to shift and all those very disturbing truths of history will be released.

One of the core principles of our society is the externalization of blame. We always need a scapegoat to blame so we do not have to question our own share of responsibility for what happened. Once all the lies about 9/11 and the fake "war on terror" are exposed, it will not be possible to blame muslim terrorists anymore but we will have to blame our own western governments for this scam. But that is also just another scapegoat because they have simply told their population the lies their population wanted to hear to fulfill their main desire : No change and maintaining the status quo

Once the externalization of blame fails due to the understanding of these connections behind our fake reality people will have to make a choice : They will have to face reality and the very painful insight that this deceiption only worked due to their own lack of self-honesty. By re-establishing self-honesty within themselves they automatically take responsibility and by that will come into their own power.

Unfortunately a lot of people might not be willing to face reality and their responsibility for what was allowed to happen and they might decide to "leave". Once you understand that you are neither your body, nor your mind but simply a spiritual being having a human experience in this reality, it becomes a lot easier to accept their choice. They might leave this reality but their essence will remain and simply start over and make new experiences in a different reality. Not everybody who is currently incarnated on this planet is capable to handle the drastic shift we are headed for and a lot of souls already knew that before they came here. They just wanted to be a part of this big adventure and make a contribution to it well knowing that it would be others who benefited from their contribution. This might be difficult to understand from a viewpoint of separation but from a transcendental viewpoint it makes a lot of sense because We are all One, we just had to forget this major insight to play our role in this reality based on duality and separation.

If you read all this, maybe a few things rang true to you. Maybe you even came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the way you used to view the world and that maybe it is time to rethink your own viewpoint. Being able to question yourself, your attitudes, beliefs and actions is a major step towards waking up. While you are in this process you might look back at some of the things you did, which now - after attaining a new level of awareness - appear as a mistake. But there is no point in blaming yourself for that. You can only act based on the level of awareness / consciousness you have in the current moment. Looking back to a past event from the current - and hopefully higher - point of awareness and starting to blame yourself for making a mistake is a waste of time. What you can learn from such an experience is to be more thoughtful in the now in order to avoid future regrets.

Humanity as a collective is at a point in history where being thoughtful is more important than ever before because we are used to learning the important lessons of life through suffering and we can choose to continue on the pathway of ignorance and prove that this principle is still working. We can also choose the pathway of wisdom by acting thoughtfully, by questioning our own beliefs and by trying to understand what is really going on around us.

We have free will and thus we have the freedom of choice.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hypocracy - a silent agreement with an unexpected bill

If you look at western democracies from an outsiders point of view, you'll immediately recognize that the system is deeply flawed at its core, because there is a silent agreement between the government and the population which boils down to : The population agrees that they are being lied to by their government, so they can continue to lie to themselves.

There is no way to have a hypocritical government for an honest population nor can you have a hypocritical population run by an honest government. It either has to be both hypocritical or both honest and shifting from hypocrisy to honesty requires revolutionary change because a system based on hypocrisy is blind to its own hypocrisy, so it has to fail completely to expose the lies it was based upon and which lead to its complete failure.

It is quite interesting to observe how the system pretends to be honest and demands honesty from its participants on the surface while requiring hypocritical behaviour beneath the surface. The used mechanisms to make the system work are quite subtile. Let's look for example at the health system :

On the surface this system pretends to persue the best for the patient but below the surface it's all about maximizing the financial revenue of all participants of the system. Now if everybody is healthy, nobody in the system earns any money, whereas the more people are sick, the more money can be made within the system. Since making money is the top priority of the system, ways have to be found how the health of the patient can be compromized to maximize revenue while on the surface it is possible to pretend that everybody is trying to help.

The documentary "Making A Killing - The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging" is an excellent proof of this hypocrisy in the field of big pharma. (Search for it on Google video)

You can find examples of this hypocrisy in almost any place you look with an open mind : Especially the USA but also other western countries are spreading their fake democracy and freedom by wars and violence. By using their own secret service to stage terrorist attacks like 9/11 or 7/7 they create a hypocritical surface story for their own population. With the help of the mass media this story can then be used to fight an enemy which was artificially created by themselves. Due to these lies, enormous amounts of money can be made in the military sector of their own industry. The western community can lend money to the governments of countries they destroyed before, so they can "rebuild" but the money is then directly coming back to western corporations to do the work. Afterwards the "freed" countries are so deeply in debt, that they are not free but enslaved by the debt and have to sell their natural resources to pay them off, which they never will be able to because it is part of the enslavement system of continous exploitation.

Remember one thing about debt in general : When new debt is created, the amount of created new money always equals the amount of new debt but the debtor has to repay not only this money but also the interest. If you imagine a simplified monetary system with a fixed interest rate of 10% and only 10 participants, everybody starts out with 10 million dollars of credit from the central bank, so the total money in circulation is 100 million dollars. At the end of the year everybody has to pay back 11 million dollars, so a total of 110 million dollars. But there are only 100 million dollars in circulation, so it is systematically impossible to pay back the debt plus interest for all 10 participants. At least one person will not be able to pay and then the central bank will seize e.g. his company and his private home. This built-in enslavement and shifting of property towards the banks is no accident, it is by design and it is part of the hypocrisy of the overall system. This game can be played on the individual level where people loose the private home but also on the level of countries, where countries loose their natural resources and independance.

If you look at the natural resources market, the situation gets even more exploitive : The western community grants subsidies to their local industry (e.g. in farming) but demands "free trade and competition" on the world market. By that they are beating down prices not only by world market competition but also by allowing their local industries to push down the prices even further by subsidizing them. So real competition is only allowed where it benefits the Western countries otherwise a different set of rules applies which allows protectionism but in a subversive and indirect manner.

This viewpoint is rather unpleasant when you live in a western democracy yourself but it is a valid viewpoint. You might be benefiting from this whole game because your own job might even be related to this process. It is a lot easier to just do your job without questioning the implications of your contribution somewhere down the line, but it is your contribution and it is your responsibility, no matter whether you are in denial about it or are aware of it.

If you live in the West, you might perceive yourself as a winner in this process for now but this would change rapidly if you were aware of all aspects where you are loosing in it : You might be loosing your health due to food which is treated with chemicals to make it look good but which are toxic and by the time somebody finds out about it, you have already eaten it for months - and most likely you will also never be told about it.

You might be buying an extra cheap car and be happy for the great deal but in order to be able to offer this cheap price most components of your car are junk. The components were produced in low-cost countries by low-cost workers using low-cost materials and exactly after the warrenty phase your car starts to fall apart. The car company surely won't tell you this in the commercial on TV where you only saw the surface story you wanted to hear.

If you look at a large system consisting of thousands of components and the producers of these components are pressured to optimize their individual component to the maximum, what you will get is not a system that is totally optimized but at some point your system will simply fail completely. This will happen because none of the component manufacturers can be aware of all interactions of his part with the system. From his component viewpoint he only sees his local interfaces but any complex system can have undesired interactions across the system which will show up when you take away buffers which a person with a big-picture view put there to avoid problems but they are not consulted during the component optimization.

In our world, you are one of those components and you are optimizing your interactions with the system to give you the best results, while not looking at the rest of the system - maybe because you are not aware - maybe because you don't care. The people who pretend to have the overview, might suddenly turn out to be well-paid actors who suddenly find out that after turning to the next page of their script, that the script suddenly contains white pages with no instructions of what to do next. Do you think, they will let you know ?

There is some interesting flaw in the way western people think : When they talk to somebody else they expect the other person to tell them the truth but on the other hand when they speak to the other person they want to make sure not to offend the other person by telling this person things he might not want to hear so they are adjusting the truth to make the other person comfortable. They seem to forget that this process is also running within the other person aswell and thus that they can not expect to be told the truth if it was discomforting.

If you expect all these little adjustments to somehow correct themselves, I got bad news for you : These little adjustments don't level themselves out but they are adding up and they have been adding up for generations to be presented to you in the form of a rather unpleasant surprise : A disillusion of reality that will blow your mind...but if you already read my other posts or saw my videos you might already know that having your mind blown might not be such a bad idea since replacing a closed mind with an open mind, has big advantages for its host ;-)


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Psychological basics to understand what is going on

I wanted to put down some of my views around psychology which might be helpful to understand yourself and what is happening around you. Freud's theories about the human psyche are based on 3 major cornerstones : Denial, resistance and transference

Most people prefer to neither face external reality nor their own internal true being because both cause them discomfort. So the "normal" reaction is to be in denial about both aspects. The natural means to avoid facing reality is to create an illusion about how the external world is. This illusion then acts as a filter and information which doesn't fit into the illusion is denied. The same is true for your internal truth, which is also hidden behind an illusionary self - your ego.

Denial has a large toolkit it can make use of, starting with simply ignoring information which doesn't fit up to actively fighting or even killing people who spread discomforting information. A helpful tool to loosen up your own denial is to ask yourself "Which aspect within myself is causing me discomfort with suchandsuch external information and why", because anything that upsets you in the external world always has an internal correspondance which triggers this reaction. Once you figure out what that internal trigger is - maybe an earlier experience which has been repressed - you can heal this inner wound and from then on won't be bothered anymore by the external trigger.

If you confront somebody who is in denial about something with the truth then the immediate response will be resistance. Even if you have the best intentions and just want to help, anybody who is in denial about a specific topic will not be willing to look at reality no matter how obvious the facts might be. This only applies for people who are not willing to change themselves, because somebody who is willing to change can even be thankful for having someone point out to him, what he was not willing to see before and by that help him to evolve and become a better person.

Freud's third cornerstone is transference and I think it is a crucial one especially at this point of world history where many people tend to see "evil people" everywhere. Transference leads us to not see reality as it is but project our own expectations about how reality is onto it and by that creating an illusion of how things are. This is particularly important with the respect to global conspiracies - which without a doubt do exist - but the mistake most people make is to project "evilness" on everybody who is involved including all the pawns at the lowest level of the hierarchy who had no clue that they were part of any conspiracy because they belief in the goodness of their superiors and did not question orders especially as long as they are not obviously wrong. When looking back after such an event with full knowledge of its evilness all these little bits and pieces who contributed to the event appear in a totally different light. Transference might then create the illusion that everybody envolved knew the big picture and his part in it and consciously did evil which simply was not the case.

One of the main problems is that if we project our fear about the police state onto an individual police man - who might be a family father without any bad intentions towards you - but due to the illusion in your mind about him being evil you treat him disrespectfully as if he did something evil, then your distorted view of him might have some very undesirable consequences in reality because he might suddenly project his own illusions of an "evil hooligan" upon you and react accordingly. So the potential for escalation due to a psychological misunderstanding especially during all the events to come is pretty much a given and can only be avoided by creating conscious awareness about the psychological processes running within yourself.

Since it is rather improbable that the public is going to get this on time, I want to point out a few aspects of the "blow your mind"-solution which I expect to unfold shortly :

When experiencing a strong psychological shock due to events in your external world some kind of reaction is required. Some people might just decide to get drunk to forget what happened. If this reaction is repeated over and over, their brain might evaluate the strategy as an adequate solution to solve the problem - even though in this example it might not be a good choice. Whenever this attempted solution does not work and the situation is considered "out of control" certain parts of your brain - especially the hippocampus - are running hot. Under these extreme conditions some brain cells are starting to withdraw their connections in the attempt to reduce the stress level. These cells are not dying they are rather in a winter sleep and once a solution of the situation has been found and the brain is running back in normal mode they can grow back - but in a new way reflecting the new circumstances and insights derived from the experience.
So if there is a need for huge changes within a human being this can only be accomplished by having this being experience a life threatening shock but not just for a few minutes but rather for several days because only then the biological process of releasing brain connections is initiated and allows a re-wiring of your brain. Once the release process has reached a certain threshold and by that you are allowing to let go of old habits and thought forms this disintegration process has to stop because if you do not manage to get out of this loop the damage to your brain could be so severe that recovery will not be possible.

At this point, whatever improves or re-establishes your ability to relate to yourself and other people is good for your brain and also for the community you live in. Probably the best help will be information about what is really going on in order to help you make sense of the events, allow your brain to calm down and start to establish a new world view.

I hope to make a contribution to this process with my videos and writings and we'll have to wait and see, if things play out as I expect and if I could help anybody by my preparation work. If I look at the 0 readers of my blogs and currently 96 subscribers on youtube, I sometimes have my doubts...but I believe that the creative intelligence that is behind this whole consciousness expansion experiment should have as many options as possible to choose from to allow the best possible solution to manifest.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Some thoughts on the holographic nature of reality

I wanted to put down a few thoughts which might help during the experience of the upcoming chaos/cleanup-phase. Besides in my Learning Lab Earth video I never really put any attention to the aspect that we are living in a holographic Matrix-like reality. Now for the most part of "normal" life this does not really matter because it is possible to spend all your life in this limited state of awareness and still have a "good" life.

This is going to change when the "consensus version" of reality is falling apart because at that point in time the individually experienced realities gain a significant amount of momentum. Every human being is decoding his individually experienced reality according to his individual belief system. As long as large parts of humanity have a similar belief system and are tuned into beliefs which form the "consensus reality" we have stability due to the collectively agreed beliefs. Once these beliefs loose their grip because the formerly stable construct is falling apart, new beliefs will take over this void.

If you check out the collective beliefs of different cultural groups about what will happen during the "end times" these beliefs will gain significant momentum once the "end times" appear to unfold in everyday life. Even though some events will be global - like the potential pole shift - a lot of other events will be created by the existing beliefs and "end times" projections of the individual.

Even though some of these crazy manifestations might be disturbing they will also allow everybody to question consensus reality and by that deprive the "negative aspects" of consensus reality of their power to manifest. Afterall what holds all of this together are agreed beliefs and since a lot of these beliefs are beliefs of limitation and suffering they are not beneficial at all. Unfortunately I don't see a chance how we could get rid of only the negative manifestations while keeping all positive manifestations in place, so both aspects of reality will get shattered. It's upto the people who are aware of what is going on to try to keep positive aspects of reality in place in their surrounding by keeping their mind focused on them. This will also help people who are in their presence even if they are not aware of the deeper meaning of these proceedings.

Since most people want to hold on to the stability of the current system, it will be hard for them to grasp that this stability is actually the manifestation of an invisible prison. We are so disconnected from our creative powers that we don't even recognize that less stability of the system also means more freedom for the individual.

One last comment related to our holographic reality. I'm expecting that during the chaos/cleanup-phase most people will be confronted with their worst fears. Some of these experiences might be individual projections on non-physical entities, which means that different people might experience a slightly different reality even when they are in the same place. It might be helpful to cross-correlate your experiences for all "out of this world"-experiences to find out that they are only individual projections and not part of consensus reality.

Remember : An illusion only has power over you until you recognize that it's nothing but an illusion. We have the ability to transcend our reality and take back control over it because we have the capability and the power to manifest our desired reality. Unfortunately our conscious mind does not have the power to do this directly but has to work through the unconscious mind. As long as the unconscious mind has bought into consensus reality and its illusions this reality will manifest.

So as mentioned in my videos and my other blogs, it is essential that we have an experience that will "blow our mind" in order to be able to reprogramm our unconscious mind and take active control of the reality we will collectively manifest in the near future. This reprogramming of the unconscious mind will be a learning by doing activity, so once the unconscious mind has been switched into re-learning mode by the shock of the systematic collapse of our current reality it is required that you feed it with information which helps it to get acquainted to the new reality.

The decision what you feed your unconscious mind is essential and there will be attempts to feed you false information from the "outside world". You will have to trust your intuition about what is the "right" information to feed your unconscious mind. Reading and listening are helpful if the source of the information is telling the truth and it is your responsibility to "feel" what rings true to you. If you are not sure you can always rely on "learning by doing" and test how new information works in your life when you apply it. Once your unconscious mind observes that the actions of the conscious mind are beneficial it will take over these habbits and make them unconscious programs. Repetition plays and important role in this, because the unconscious mind is a slow learner which protects you from learning something that only works once and helps you to develop only new habits which work in the long run.

Let's make the best of the crazy times ahead. When you know where it will lead's a lot easier to live through this phase in anticipation of what is to come...


Monday, March 9, 2009

The best possible solution just around the corner ?

Strange things are happening...more and more people are coming forward and are warning that *it* is going to happen soon. Even though it is unquestionable that there is increasing amount of mess piling up left and right and it all seems to be getting ready to unravel anytime into a complete disaster beyond most people's wildest thing is really weird...during the recent weeks I kept feeling better and better even though the scenario seemed to be getting worse and worse.

So I did some right-brain pondering to take another close look at the current situation and contrary to a left-brain analysis things have actually improved a lot from a right-brain viewpoint. We seem to be steering into a resolution scenario which could limit the chaos phase to a time-window of very few weeks instead of a few months which will significantly improve the survival chances for all the people who are still clueless and totally unprepared. Which would actually make a lot of sense because it is those people who have kept our current reality stable until the very last possible point in time and allowed the continuation of preparation work by those who are already awake and avoided a rollout of the dark side's measures since the population didnt panic or riot as the dark side would have wanted them to. So would it make any sense to punish those who made the delay possible ? Probably not because as of today it definitely improved the overall situation by limiting the chaos phase to an absolute minimum on the timeline.

The event itself has not really changed much but the shorter it is on the timeline the more intense it will be to experience it. There will be hardly any chance to understand what is going on while it happens because there will be change everywhere simulaneously on an unimaginable scale but this will definitely make sure that the system we live in is going down the tubes in notime with no chance whatsoever to go back to even parts of it because there will be nothing left to turn back to. This will also ensure that any of the measures prepared by the dark side will be wiped off the map because with chaos so vast, any coordinated effort is doomed to fail, majorly because the people who are supposed to carry out orders will have their mind blown aswell and be turned into helpless wrecks. Those higher up in the pyramid of control will have a really bad day when realizing that all their orders will remain unheard and not be carried out. Order out of chaos ? Well...with the complete command structure wiped out...this might really be a very bad day for the control freaks ;-)

As far as the immediate aftermath of this event is concerned I would recommend to keep a low profile for some time because a lot of people who have completely lost it and are in fight-or-flight mode might take care of eachother and I'd recommend to just let that happen. There is not much you can do about it and it will be for your own good to only help those who ask for help and not intervene where you are not asked to intervene because a lot of karmic balancing will have to take place which is not in your hands to change or judge.

I hope that enough people have some kind of faith they can turn to during this disturbing period and I hope that we can start over a few weeks after things have played out. I'm sure that we can count on some *external help* to get back on our feet but the work itself has to be done by ourselves and I'm very positive that we'll be successful at this once in a lifetime challenge to rebuild a civilization bottom-up and not top-down as some sinister forces intended it.

May peace and wisdom be with everybody during these interesting times

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ignoring the negative - in order not to create it ?

As we are creating our reality through our own thoughts and feelings, it is within our responsibility to focus our attention to things which we want to draw into our lives. By focusing our attention on things which we don't want, we are creating more of those unwanted things.

The interesting question is : Should we thus simply ignore and dismiss any negative information that we are confronted with just to make sure that we do not create more negative things ?

I believe that the answer to this question depends upon the level of awareness of the concerned individual. If you are totally unaware of the Law of Attraction and you start digging into lots of negative stuff and if you feel strong feelings of fear or rage while doing so, you are defenitely asking for more of this negative stuff to happen in the future.

Whereas a person with a high level of awareness can make a conscious decision to shut down his feelings while using his rational mind to analyse and understand the negative side and the way that it works to secretly manipulate aspects of our reality. By not feeling any feelings the Law of Attraction does not work as the fuel for manifestation lies within the persons feelings caused by the corresponding thoughts. Manifestation only happens when thoughts cause strong feelings, without feelings there can be no manifestation.

The exposure of the mechanisms behind our fake reality is the easiest way that it can be transcended. Any illusion only has power over you until you recognize it as an illusion and start to look at what is behind it and finally transcend it. By looking away and ignoring it, you are not adding any energy to the illusion but you are also never going to transcend it.

The vast majority of the "negative stuff" is happening unconsciously by not paying attention to undesired outcomes. Sometimes by even deliberately ignoring those undesired side effects because they have to be accepted to achieve some important agenda, but only in very few cases there is a conscious decision to do evil behind this.

Most of our politicians and other leading figures have a very distorted world view in which only they know what is best for everybody and all the sheeple are too dumb to get it because they dont know what is really going on. The question is how these people can on one hand consider their population as dumb sheeple but on the other hand lie to them deliberately to keep the current system going. Ignorance seems to be everywhere and the end seems to justify any means no matter how absurd things are going to get.

If our politicians really knew their role in this sick game, they would most likely run for their lives before anybody else finds out what they have been deceiving their own population into. The sad part of the story is that it seems impossible to jump from a closed-minded sheeple world view to a big picture world view without temporarily becoming extremely outraged about all the lies we have been fed by the system and the natural reaction to this is probably to go after those who have been the front men of the whole show. Unfortunately we are even being taught by the system to always find a scapegoat so we can quickly move on with the dayly routine. Once again it looks like the artificial fear of an "external enemy" created to keep the herd of sheeple in line will finally haunt its originators and swing back upon them exposing themselves as the "internal enemy" which itself should be seen symbolically as it is also only a mirror of our own inner enemy, our own dark side.

The only way out of this mess is to face reality and this means to look at the men behind the curtain and their agenda, to understand why they are doing what they are doing, to understand the true history of humanity and to understand all mechanisms which make this illusionary reality work the way it works. By digging deeper and deeper into these subjects there comes a time when you get the real "big picture" and by then you understand that we are all just playing a role in the game of life. Once you start to see all the connections and understand how things are mirrored on every level, you slowly step outside of the illusion and can see it from an "outsiders perspective" and finally you can take your life into your own hands and become the conscious reality creator of your own life.

There might be shortcuts to the latter, without ever taking a peak into "the real world" but I believe that the integration also of the negative aspects of reality are necessary to finally transcend it. Facing the negative aspects in the outside world corresponds to facing the negative aspects of your own personality, both of which had to be the way they are because they are mirroring and creating eachother vice versa. So in order to transcend the inner and the outer negative aspects, they need to be faced and by that they will dissolve, because they can not exist in plain sight but only as long as they are allowed to exist in the darkness with ignorance as a protection mechanism.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My view on "the truth"

I wanted to write down a few thoughts on truth. It seems to be a common misperception that there is only one right way how to look at the world and all you have to do is find that one right perspective, that one "truth".

After seeking truth myself for many years I came up with the following analogy to explain my view on truth to other people : Imagine "truth" being a 3-dimensional object. Imagine the limitation of the human mind being represented by only being able to preceive a 2-dimensional world view. So your viewpoint on truth is represented by a 2-dimensional plane which cuts through the 3-dimensional object representing "truth".

Many people think that their viewpoint on truth is the only "right" way to look at what is true which in this analogy implies that there is only one right angle or orientation of how you have to locate your 2D plane of perception when cutting through the 3D truth. In this close-minded way of thinking the "overall truth" is being limited to this 2D slice and all the rest of the "truth" is denied to even exist.

If you really want to "seek truth" you will have to consider different "viewpoints" on truth which implies to overcome the idea that there is only one *right* way to look at the world. Once you start to learn about how people from a different culture view the world you become aware that you can place your 2D plane of perception at a different angle and perceive a "new truth".
Is that "new truth" valid or is your "old truth" valid ? Unfortunately they are both valid and there are not only 2 ways on how you can cut through a 3D object with a 2D plane but there are unlimited ways. Neither one will be "the truth" they will always only represent one way of perceiving the world.

Since this analogy is slightly too simple I'd like to add at least one more aspect to it. In our reality there is a lot of deception which I'll refer to as particles of deception. These particles of deception have the characteristic to be almost invisible when being perceived from the limited 2D-slice viewpoint. But whenever you allow yourself to attain more than one viewpoint and you imagine two 2D planes at different angles they always cut eachother and this intersection is a straight line. Whenever this straight line of both planes is hitting a particle of deception this particle lights up and thus can be identified very easily even though it was hardly visible before in either of both planes.

So if you really want to seek truth, you need to attain different view points and correlate as many of them as possible because this way you can identify the hidden deception within our world. The more different viewpoints you attain the better you will perceive the overall body of truth. As long as your preception of truth is limited to one 2D-viewpoint you will never be able to see the whole picture but the more viewpoints you attain the more knowledgable you will be concerning the real "3D truth".