Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ego-based mind 101

I wanted to put down a few thoughts for people who want to dig a little deeper into the wickedness of our reality. When digging into some of the global conspiracies you can start to wonder why some of these secrets are so damn well protected and why the lid can still be kept on issues like 9/11. One of the most underrated aspect in that respect are the protection mechanisms within the ego-based mind :

The ego is fully identified with the worldview it has created over many years and the ego knows that this model of the world that it has created needs to be protected. Whenever this model of the world is threatened the ego itself feels threatened due to its identification with this model. So in order to protect this model the ego has setup a lot of filters through which information from the outside world is processed. Any information which contradicts the existing model is usually immediately dismissed and a feeling of superiority is created along with thoughts like "I know how the world works and thus I can conclude that this information is false".

The strength of your ego determines how open those filters are. Somebody with a strong ego can usually be considered closed-minded because a strong ego has to set up strong walls of protection and denial to protect itself. But even a person who has less ego than average will still have built-in filters which kick in when presented with information e.g. about 9/11 because considering the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job is still too much of a threat to the established model of the world.

The problem with 9/11 truth is that you can not simply add it somehow to your existing worldview model because it contradicts the existing model at too many places. The implications of adding 9/11 truth to your worldview model automatically sets off a chain reaction which can hardly be stopped and the ego knows very well that somewhere down the line of those dominos even the ego itself will be threatened so it will try any possible means to put this topic aside and be in denial of any information on the subject.

In case those wall of denial are coming down there still is some hope for the ego because as long as it can compartimentalize the inleakage of truth and simply adjust the worldview to a model where there are conspiracies everywhere and all the evil is "out there" everything is still fine. Especially as long as it can avoid his host to dig into spirituality the ego knows that it has good chances that it will be fine and can continue to exist.

Thus the compartimentalization of inleakage of truth is an extremely important protection mechanism and the ego uses it on a regular basis. The ego is very creative in inventing its "own personal truth" in order to fix inconsistencies which are caused by being confronted with new facts which can not be denied any longer. The ego has to be right without exception because being wrong would shake it to the core and this must be avoided under any circumstances. So if you analyzed people who were involved in making 9/11 happen you would find that their ego has created a worldview for them which justified their involvement in 9/11 to serve some higher cause. The same mechanisms work for any fundamentalist who blows himself up in the name of whichever god he believes in because in the latter case the ego proves one of its most sickening characteristics : It would rather be dead than wrong.

Once you transfer those insights about the ego from the individual to the human community you can see certain similarities. The egoic aspect of the collective human mind will not just fade away but it will rather kill off all of humanity before it starts to question itself. This systematic problem of our reality can only be solved on the level of the individual. Every human being will have to overcome his own ego and by that transform the collective human mind. The way I perceive things at the moment the decision window for every human on the planet is still open. The circumstances created around every individual will continue to intensify in order to increase pressure on every individuals ego so that it can be cracked. It is a very difficult time but if you learn to let go of your ego, the part of you which is really you will take over.

So the next time you run into somebody who is still in denial of the real world or if somebody is offended by your 9/11-truth shirt maybe take a second and remember that the ego of the person in front of you is scared shitless because you are attacking its worldview. By threatening this worldview you are threatening the existance of this persons ego and it might take very unusual measures in order to protect itself.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A blog and a few thoughts

I'm glad that the *divine plan* is unfolding pretty much as I expected but I definitely underestimated the potential of denial of the sleeping masses. But so did our puppet masters who are so screwed that it is kindof fun to watch their helpless attempts to somehow create an artificial trigger they can blame for the prepared collapse. Too bad they don't seem to know that another coverup is not foreseen as an option. The mechanism to camouflage the web of lies with even greater lies is at its breaking point and that will expose the truth...layer by layer...down to the core.

With the ongoing delays of the starting point of the process we are creating a scenario which is compressing the time of chaos significantly. Considering the amount of required change I never estimated that we could compress time so much but our linear thinking brains are just not made to conceive information from outside of time and project it onto 3D reality with precise timing. I tried anyway...I failed *g* So maybe I should stop trying to put a time tag to my predictions ;-)
We're really on a wicked ride into global insanity right now but since this allows even more people to wake be it. It is interesting to observe the two opposing forces of people in denial allowing the system to continue versus people waking up, whose consciousness is tearing down the remaining columns that keep the house of cards alive. Perceiving these mechanisms of our reality from outside of time is facinating, I just wish more people could perceive things this way.

I have also pondered a lot lately about how to explain to other people that not all layers of the global conspiracy are within our 3D reality. Since western socities are so brainwashed by materialism the idea that non-physical entities could have their share in the game just seems totally outlandish. But the mechanisms of deception, deceit and manipulation do not stop at boarder of materialism. After investigating some of the conspiracies of our reality you really have to question the sanity of those who set up the plot because the trail of evidence becomes simply too obvious. Maybe the research should not stop at the level where all the pawns in the game and their roles in the plot are identified. Maybe deeper questions are required...Questions like : Was this whole plot created in such an amateurish way so it could be easily uncovered and still serve as an example that vast parts of humanity are too ignorant to even graps evidence that is right in their face ?

Probably the elite isn't as smart as many people think...and probably they are also not just arrogant and leave so many clues where it would not be required. Maybe they are just another example of *What you give is what you get*, if you think you can screw people over without them recognizing it, maybe you're getting screwed over just the same...without recognizing it...but with the recent events and all their plans going bad...they might realize that they are also nothing more than a pawn in the game and once a pawn has done his job, he has become disposable.

After looking at all aspects of the big picture I came to the conclusion that the elite is only doing what is expected of them due to the existing framework requirements. The concept of master and slave of those who lead and those who just follow without doing any thinking seems to be part of our insane reality. Only an ignorant population will fall for the mind control games of a ruling elite. Simply putting the blame on the elite is only one side of the medal. Even though deception is so deeply built into the system, there still is free will, there still is a possibility to say no, there still is a possibility to take over responsibility instead of giving it away.

Even though I was completely pissed for a long time about what the elite is doing to us, I'd recommend everybody to do some investigation before judging these people rashly. The system of mind control the elite is applying to the population is only mind control lite. If you start investigating into the violent sexual and ritual abuse that members of the elite are applying to their own children and if you read about the psychological damage caused by this violence you will start to understand why these people have no empathy and nothing but hatred within them.
If mind control lite is turning the general population into a brainwashed herd of sheeple that live in denial of reality and on the other hand we have a small group of elite people under mind control ultra-violent, which of those two parties has the better chance to wake up and change the rules of the game ? My guess is that mind control lite can easier be broken free of and the sheeple are outnumbering the elite by far.

Will this breaking free be possible without creating a big mess ? I wish it was and if we were sheep we'd probably all make it because sheep are not as skilled at handling weapons as human beings.

We could avoid the upcoming cleanup event and implement the solutions which are waiting on the shelf but...we're human beings and we don't want to leave our comfort zone and question our reality unless some event blows up the complete comfort zone. And while crazy things happen, we don't tend to step back and ponder things until we understand what is going on but we rather turn to the more basic programs stored in our brain.

Nevertheless the scheduled global mass burnout caused by the collapse of the system could override these basic programs in our brains, it could cause a cracking of people's ego, it could cause people to be so confused that they really first ponder things before acting precipitately. Maybe enough people will miraculously come to the insight that they are creating their reality with their mind and will start to manifest a more harmonious reality almost instantly. All these things are possible but they are not probable.

According to scientific studies it requires only a small amount of people in a given population who is fully conscious to influence the behaviour of the complete population and create an atmosphere of peace. The required amount of people is the square root of 1/100 of the given population. For the whole planet and 6.7 billion people that would only be like 8185. We'll soon know if we are above or below that figure.

Some time ago I came across a really valuable source of information and I want to refer anybody who accidentially reads this blog to it :

Mike Cechanowicz has written 3 free books about life and how our reality works. I can only recommend everybody to read them. Once again these books are a proof that the really important things in life are for free :

Saturday, November 8, 2008

29th October 2008 - The day everybody looked the other way

It does not really matter whether you live in Germany or not, either way you probably will not remember what happened on that day. Let me help you out :

One day before the share of Volkswagen AG was manipulated to perform a +90% jump in one day to a record value of 945 Euros per share. Since this share has a strong weight in the German DAX index and most other shares did not change much in value that day, it resulted in an upward jump of the DAX index by +10%. While this event was reported extensively on the news the event of the following day was blacked out completely from the media :

On October 29th the Volkswagen AG share fell from 945 Euros to 517 Euros which is nearly the same as where it started two days before. So by applying common sense anyone should conclude that due to the high weight of the Volkswagen AG share the DAX should make a -10% correction on this day, to compensate the +10% upward jump from the day before.

Well it didn't. On October 29th the DAX index changed by -0,31%

How could that be ? Well let me show you some of the other DAX shares on that day :

Allianz AG : +26,24%
Metro AG : +24,50%
Siemens AG : +24,07%
Daimler AG : +21,45%
EON AG : +19,88%
BASF AG : +19,29%

Anything wrong with this picture ? We are talking changes on one regular trading day where non of these companies made any special announcements that would justify such a significant shift.

To complete the picture of the day : 22 of the 30 DAX shares jumped at least +10% on that day. 29 of the 30 DAX shares gained that day, only Volkswagen AG dropped by -45,29%

The question is how could this happen ? Anybody in the know should be familiar with the "plunge protection team" that officially does not exist and inofficially takes care that no sudden plunges in any index takes place.

The German BaFin (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) is supposed to monitor the stock market and avoid fraud. October 29th 2008 was a day, where it obviously was asleep at the wheel, just as all the rest of the media. If nobody cares about such obvious manipulation of markets, maybe we deserve to get screwed even worse in the not too distant future.