Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ego-based mind 101

I wanted to put down a few thoughts for people who want to dig a little deeper into the wickedness of our reality. When digging into some of the global conspiracies you can start to wonder why some of these secrets are so damn well protected and why the lid can still be kept on issues like 9/11. One of the most underrated aspect in that respect are the protection mechanisms within the ego-based mind :

The ego is fully identified with the worldview it has created over many years and the ego knows that this model of the world that it has created needs to be protected. Whenever this model of the world is threatened the ego itself feels threatened due to its identification with this model. So in order to protect this model the ego has setup a lot of filters through which information from the outside world is processed. Any information which contradicts the existing model is usually immediately dismissed and a feeling of superiority is created along with thoughts like "I know how the world works and thus I can conclude that this information is false".

The strength of your ego determines how open those filters are. Somebody with a strong ego can usually be considered closed-minded because a strong ego has to set up strong walls of protection and denial to protect itself. But even a person who has less ego than average will still have built-in filters which kick in when presented with information e.g. about 9/11 because considering the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job is still too much of a threat to the established model of the world.

The problem with 9/11 truth is that you can not simply add it somehow to your existing worldview model because it contradicts the existing model at too many places. The implications of adding 9/11 truth to your worldview model automatically sets off a chain reaction which can hardly be stopped and the ego knows very well that somewhere down the line of those dominos even the ego itself will be threatened so it will try any possible means to put this topic aside and be in denial of any information on the subject.

In case those wall of denial are coming down there still is some hope for the ego because as long as it can compartimentalize the inleakage of truth and simply adjust the worldview to a model where there are conspiracies everywhere and all the evil is "out there" everything is still fine. Especially as long as it can avoid his host to dig into spirituality the ego knows that it has good chances that it will be fine and can continue to exist.

Thus the compartimentalization of inleakage of truth is an extremely important protection mechanism and the ego uses it on a regular basis. The ego is very creative in inventing its "own personal truth" in order to fix inconsistencies which are caused by being confronted with new facts which can not be denied any longer. The ego has to be right without exception because being wrong would shake it to the core and this must be avoided under any circumstances. So if you analyzed people who were involved in making 9/11 happen you would find that their ego has created a worldview for them which justified their involvement in 9/11 to serve some higher cause. The same mechanisms work for any fundamentalist who blows himself up in the name of whichever god he believes in because in the latter case the ego proves one of its most sickening characteristics : It would rather be dead than wrong.

Once you transfer those insights about the ego from the individual to the human community you can see certain similarities. The egoic aspect of the collective human mind will not just fade away but it will rather kill off all of humanity before it starts to question itself. This systematic problem of our reality can only be solved on the level of the individual. Every human being will have to overcome his own ego and by that transform the collective human mind. The way I perceive things at the moment the decision window for every human on the planet is still open. The circumstances created around every individual will continue to intensify in order to increase pressure on every individuals ego so that it can be cracked. It is a very difficult time but if you learn to let go of your ego, the part of you which is really you will take over.

So the next time you run into somebody who is still in denial of the real world or if somebody is offended by your 9/11-truth shirt maybe take a second and remember that the ego of the person in front of you is scared shitless because you are attacking its worldview. By threatening this worldview you are threatening the existance of this persons ego and it might take very unusual measures in order to protect itself.

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