Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Psychological basics to understand what is going on

I wanted to put down some of my views around psychology which might be helpful to understand yourself and what is happening around you. Freud's theories about the human psyche are based on 3 major cornerstones : Denial, resistance and transference

Most people prefer to neither face external reality nor their own internal true being because both cause them discomfort. So the "normal" reaction is to be in denial about both aspects. The natural means to avoid facing reality is to create an illusion about how the external world is. This illusion then acts as a filter and information which doesn't fit into the illusion is denied. The same is true for your internal truth, which is also hidden behind an illusionary self - your ego.

Denial has a large toolkit it can make use of, starting with simply ignoring information which doesn't fit up to actively fighting or even killing people who spread discomforting information. A helpful tool to loosen up your own denial is to ask yourself "Which aspect within myself is causing me discomfort with suchandsuch external information and why", because anything that upsets you in the external world always has an internal correspondance which triggers this reaction. Once you figure out what that internal trigger is - maybe an earlier experience which has been repressed - you can heal this inner wound and from then on won't be bothered anymore by the external trigger.

If you confront somebody who is in denial about something with the truth then the immediate response will be resistance. Even if you have the best intentions and just want to help, anybody who is in denial about a specific topic will not be willing to look at reality no matter how obvious the facts might be. This only applies for people who are not willing to change themselves, because somebody who is willing to change can even be thankful for having someone point out to him, what he was not willing to see before and by that help him to evolve and become a better person.

Freud's third cornerstone is transference and I think it is a crucial one especially at this point of world history where many people tend to see "evil people" everywhere. Transference leads us to not see reality as it is but project our own expectations about how reality is onto it and by that creating an illusion of how things are. This is particularly important with the respect to global conspiracies - which without a doubt do exist - but the mistake most people make is to project "evilness" on everybody who is involved including all the pawns at the lowest level of the hierarchy who had no clue that they were part of any conspiracy because they belief in the goodness of their superiors and did not question orders especially as long as they are not obviously wrong. When looking back after such an event with full knowledge of its evilness all these little bits and pieces who contributed to the event appear in a totally different light. Transference might then create the illusion that everybody envolved knew the big picture and his part in it and consciously did evil which simply was not the case.

One of the main problems is that if we project our fear about the police state onto an individual police man - who might be a family father without any bad intentions towards you - but due to the illusion in your mind about him being evil you treat him disrespectfully as if he did something evil, then your distorted view of him might have some very undesirable consequences in reality because he might suddenly project his own illusions of an "evil hooligan" upon you and react accordingly. So the potential for escalation due to a psychological misunderstanding especially during all the events to come is pretty much a given and can only be avoided by creating conscious awareness about the psychological processes running within yourself.

Since it is rather improbable that the public is going to get this on time, I want to point out a few aspects of the "blow your mind"-solution which I expect to unfold shortly :

When experiencing a strong psychological shock due to events in your external world some kind of reaction is required. Some people might just decide to get drunk to forget what happened. If this reaction is repeated over and over, their brain might evaluate the strategy as an adequate solution to solve the problem - even though in this example it might not be a good choice. Whenever this attempted solution does not work and the situation is considered "out of control" certain parts of your brain - especially the hippocampus - are running hot. Under these extreme conditions some brain cells are starting to withdraw their connections in the attempt to reduce the stress level. These cells are not dying they are rather in a winter sleep and once a solution of the situation has been found and the brain is running back in normal mode they can grow back - but in a new way reflecting the new circumstances and insights derived from the experience.
So if there is a need for huge changes within a human being this can only be accomplished by having this being experience a life threatening shock but not just for a few minutes but rather for several days because only then the biological process of releasing brain connections is initiated and allows a re-wiring of your brain. Once the release process has reached a certain threshold and by that you are allowing to let go of old habits and thought forms this disintegration process has to stop because if you do not manage to get out of this loop the damage to your brain could be so severe that recovery will not be possible.

At this point, whatever improves or re-establishes your ability to relate to yourself and other people is good for your brain and also for the community you live in. Probably the best help will be information about what is really going on in order to help you make sense of the events, allow your brain to calm down and start to establish a new world view.

I hope to make a contribution to this process with my videos and writings and we'll have to wait and see, if things play out as I expect and if I could help anybody by my preparation work. If I look at the 0 readers of my blogs and currently 96 subscribers on youtube, I sometimes have my doubts...but I believe that the creative intelligence that is behind this whole consciousness expansion experiment should have as many options as possible to choose from to allow the best possible solution to manifest.