Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ignoring the negative - in order not to create it ?

As we are creating our reality through our own thoughts and feelings, it is within our responsibility to focus our attention to things which we want to draw into our lives. By focusing our attention on things which we don't want, we are creating more of those unwanted things.

The interesting question is : Should we thus simply ignore and dismiss any negative information that we are confronted with just to make sure that we do not create more negative things ?

I believe that the answer to this question depends upon the level of awareness of the concerned individual. If you are totally unaware of the Law of Attraction and you start digging into lots of negative stuff and if you feel strong feelings of fear or rage while doing so, you are defenitely asking for more of this negative stuff to happen in the future.

Whereas a person with a high level of awareness can make a conscious decision to shut down his feelings while using his rational mind to analyse and understand the negative side and the way that it works to secretly manipulate aspects of our reality. By not feeling any feelings the Law of Attraction does not work as the fuel for manifestation lies within the persons feelings caused by the corresponding thoughts. Manifestation only happens when thoughts cause strong feelings, without feelings there can be no manifestation.

The exposure of the mechanisms behind our fake reality is the easiest way that it can be transcended. Any illusion only has power over you until you recognize it as an illusion and start to look at what is behind it and finally transcend it. By looking away and ignoring it, you are not adding any energy to the illusion but you are also never going to transcend it.

The vast majority of the "negative stuff" is happening unconsciously by not paying attention to undesired outcomes. Sometimes by even deliberately ignoring those undesired side effects because they have to be accepted to achieve some important agenda, but only in very few cases there is a conscious decision to do evil behind this.

Most of our politicians and other leading figures have a very distorted world view in which only they know what is best for everybody and all the sheeple are too dumb to get it because they dont know what is really going on. The question is how these people can on one hand consider their population as dumb sheeple but on the other hand lie to them deliberately to keep the current system going. Ignorance seems to be everywhere and the end seems to justify any means no matter how absurd things are going to get.

If our politicians really knew their role in this sick game, they would most likely run for their lives before anybody else finds out what they have been deceiving their own population into. The sad part of the story is that it seems impossible to jump from a closed-minded sheeple world view to a big picture world view without temporarily becoming extremely outraged about all the lies we have been fed by the system and the natural reaction to this is probably to go after those who have been the front men of the whole show. Unfortunately we are even being taught by the system to always find a scapegoat so we can quickly move on with the dayly routine. Once again it looks like the artificial fear of an "external enemy" created to keep the herd of sheeple in line will finally haunt its originators and swing back upon them exposing themselves as the "internal enemy" which itself should be seen symbolically as it is also only a mirror of our own inner enemy, our own dark side.

The only way out of this mess is to face reality and this means to look at the men behind the curtain and their agenda, to understand why they are doing what they are doing, to understand the true history of humanity and to understand all mechanisms which make this illusionary reality work the way it works. By digging deeper and deeper into these subjects there comes a time when you get the real "big picture" and by then you understand that we are all just playing a role in the game of life. Once you start to see all the connections and understand how things are mirrored on every level, you slowly step outside of the illusion and can see it from an "outsiders perspective" and finally you can take your life into your own hands and become the conscious reality creator of your own life.

There might be shortcuts to the latter, without ever taking a peak into "the real world" but I believe that the integration also of the negative aspects of reality are necessary to finally transcend it. Facing the negative aspects in the outside world corresponds to facing the negative aspects of your own personality, both of which had to be the way they are because they are mirroring and creating eachother vice versa. So in order to transcend the inner and the outer negative aspects, they need to be faced and by that they will dissolve, because they can not exist in plain sight but only as long as they are allowed to exist in the darkness with ignorance as a protection mechanism.