Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hypocracy - a silent agreement with an unexpected bill

If you look at western democracies from an outsiders point of view, you'll immediately recognize that the system is deeply flawed at its core, because there is a silent agreement between the government and the population which boils down to : The population agrees that they are being lied to by their government, so they can continue to lie to themselves.

There is no way to have a hypocritical government for an honest population nor can you have a hypocritical population run by an honest government. It either has to be both hypocritical or both honest and shifting from hypocrisy to honesty requires revolutionary change because a system based on hypocrisy is blind to its own hypocrisy, so it has to fail completely to expose the lies it was based upon and which lead to its complete failure.

It is quite interesting to observe how the system pretends to be honest and demands honesty from its participants on the surface while requiring hypocritical behaviour beneath the surface. The used mechanisms to make the system work are quite subtile. Let's look for example at the health system :

On the surface this system pretends to persue the best for the patient but below the surface it's all about maximizing the financial revenue of all participants of the system. Now if everybody is healthy, nobody in the system earns any money, whereas the more people are sick, the more money can be made within the system. Since making money is the top priority of the system, ways have to be found how the health of the patient can be compromized to maximize revenue while on the surface it is possible to pretend that everybody is trying to help.

The documentary "Making A Killing - The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging" is an excellent proof of this hypocrisy in the field of big pharma. (Search for it on Google video)

You can find examples of this hypocrisy in almost any place you look with an open mind : Especially the USA but also other western countries are spreading their fake democracy and freedom by wars and violence. By using their own secret service to stage terrorist attacks like 9/11 or 7/7 they create a hypocritical surface story for their own population. With the help of the mass media this story can then be used to fight an enemy which was artificially created by themselves. Due to these lies, enormous amounts of money can be made in the military sector of their own industry. The western community can lend money to the governments of countries they destroyed before, so they can "rebuild" but the money is then directly coming back to western corporations to do the work. Afterwards the "freed" countries are so deeply in debt, that they are not free but enslaved by the debt and have to sell their natural resources to pay them off, which they never will be able to because it is part of the enslavement system of continous exploitation.

Remember one thing about debt in general : When new debt is created, the amount of created new money always equals the amount of new debt but the debtor has to repay not only this money but also the interest. If you imagine a simplified monetary system with a fixed interest rate of 10% and only 10 participants, everybody starts out with 10 million dollars of credit from the central bank, so the total money in circulation is 100 million dollars. At the end of the year everybody has to pay back 11 million dollars, so a total of 110 million dollars. But there are only 100 million dollars in circulation, so it is systematically impossible to pay back the debt plus interest for all 10 participants. At least one person will not be able to pay and then the central bank will seize e.g. his company and his private home. This built-in enslavement and shifting of property towards the banks is no accident, it is by design and it is part of the hypocrisy of the overall system. This game can be played on the individual level where people loose the private home but also on the level of countries, where countries loose their natural resources and independance.

If you look at the natural resources market, the situation gets even more exploitive : The western community grants subsidies to their local industry (e.g. in farming) but demands "free trade and competition" on the world market. By that they are beating down prices not only by world market competition but also by allowing their local industries to push down the prices even further by subsidizing them. So real competition is only allowed where it benefits the Western countries otherwise a different set of rules applies which allows protectionism but in a subversive and indirect manner.

This viewpoint is rather unpleasant when you live in a western democracy yourself but it is a valid viewpoint. You might be benefiting from this whole game because your own job might even be related to this process. It is a lot easier to just do your job without questioning the implications of your contribution somewhere down the line, but it is your contribution and it is your responsibility, no matter whether you are in denial about it or are aware of it.

If you live in the West, you might perceive yourself as a winner in this process for now but this would change rapidly if you were aware of all aspects where you are loosing in it : You might be loosing your health due to food which is treated with chemicals to make it look good but which are toxic and by the time somebody finds out about it, you have already eaten it for months - and most likely you will also never be told about it.

You might be buying an extra cheap car and be happy for the great deal but in order to be able to offer this cheap price most components of your car are junk. The components were produced in low-cost countries by low-cost workers using low-cost materials and exactly after the warrenty phase your car starts to fall apart. The car company surely won't tell you this in the commercial on TV where you only saw the surface story you wanted to hear.

If you look at a large system consisting of thousands of components and the producers of these components are pressured to optimize their individual component to the maximum, what you will get is not a system that is totally optimized but at some point your system will simply fail completely. This will happen because none of the component manufacturers can be aware of all interactions of his part with the system. From his component viewpoint he only sees his local interfaces but any complex system can have undesired interactions across the system which will show up when you take away buffers which a person with a big-picture view put there to avoid problems but they are not consulted during the component optimization.

In our world, you are one of those components and you are optimizing your interactions with the system to give you the best results, while not looking at the rest of the system - maybe because you are not aware - maybe because you don't care. The people who pretend to have the overview, might suddenly turn out to be well-paid actors who suddenly find out that after turning to the next page of their script, that the script suddenly contains white pages with no instructions of what to do next. Do you think, they will let you know ?

There is some interesting flaw in the way western people think : When they talk to somebody else they expect the other person to tell them the truth but on the other hand when they speak to the other person they want to make sure not to offend the other person by telling this person things he might not want to hear so they are adjusting the truth to make the other person comfortable. They seem to forget that this process is also running within the other person aswell and thus that they can not expect to be told the truth if it was discomforting.

If you expect all these little adjustments to somehow correct themselves, I got bad news for you : These little adjustments don't level themselves out but they are adding up and they have been adding up for generations to be presented to you in the form of a rather unpleasant surprise : A disillusion of reality that will blow your mind...but if you already read my other posts or saw my videos you might already know that having your mind blown might not be such a bad idea since replacing a closed mind with an open mind, has big advantages for its host ;-)