Monday, March 9, 2009

The best possible solution just around the corner ?

Strange things are happening...more and more people are coming forward and are warning that *it* is going to happen soon. Even though it is unquestionable that there is increasing amount of mess piling up left and right and it all seems to be getting ready to unravel anytime into a complete disaster beyond most people's wildest thing is really weird...during the recent weeks I kept feeling better and better even though the scenario seemed to be getting worse and worse.

So I did some right-brain pondering to take another close look at the current situation and contrary to a left-brain analysis things have actually improved a lot from a right-brain viewpoint. We seem to be steering into a resolution scenario which could limit the chaos phase to a time-window of very few weeks instead of a few months which will significantly improve the survival chances for all the people who are still clueless and totally unprepared. Which would actually make a lot of sense because it is those people who have kept our current reality stable until the very last possible point in time and allowed the continuation of preparation work by those who are already awake and avoided a rollout of the dark side's measures since the population didnt panic or riot as the dark side would have wanted them to. So would it make any sense to punish those who made the delay possible ? Probably not because as of today it definitely improved the overall situation by limiting the chaos phase to an absolute minimum on the timeline.

The event itself has not really changed much but the shorter it is on the timeline the more intense it will be to experience it. There will be hardly any chance to understand what is going on while it happens because there will be change everywhere simulaneously on an unimaginable scale but this will definitely make sure that the system we live in is going down the tubes in notime with no chance whatsoever to go back to even parts of it because there will be nothing left to turn back to. This will also ensure that any of the measures prepared by the dark side will be wiped off the map because with chaos so vast, any coordinated effort is doomed to fail, majorly because the people who are supposed to carry out orders will have their mind blown aswell and be turned into helpless wrecks. Those higher up in the pyramid of control will have a really bad day when realizing that all their orders will remain unheard and not be carried out. Order out of chaos ? Well...with the complete command structure wiped out...this might really be a very bad day for the control freaks ;-)

As far as the immediate aftermath of this event is concerned I would recommend to keep a low profile for some time because a lot of people who have completely lost it and are in fight-or-flight mode might take care of eachother and I'd recommend to just let that happen. There is not much you can do about it and it will be for your own good to only help those who ask for help and not intervene where you are not asked to intervene because a lot of karmic balancing will have to take place which is not in your hands to change or judge.

I hope that enough people have some kind of faith they can turn to during this disturbing period and I hope that we can start over a few weeks after things have played out. I'm sure that we can count on some *external help* to get back on our feet but the work itself has to be done by ourselves and I'm very positive that we'll be successful at this once in a lifetime challenge to rebuild a civilization bottom-up and not top-down as some sinister forces intended it.

May peace and wisdom be with everybody during these interesting times

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