Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Boarding the handbasket - a trip from despair to enlightenment

It seems like boarding is almost complete and within a few weeks we should be ready to go but contrary to some who already see humanity going straight into a new dark age my view on the upcoming disintegration of the global system is that we're going down in order to gain speed, throw outdated concepts and structures overboard and take off into a new paradigm.

Even though we are facing a very challenging transition phase there actually is also some good news in different areas of research. Since I focused a lot on the "big picture view" in my other blogs I will use this one to put a spotlight on a very particular subject :

I wanted to use this blog to highlight on the research of Dr. Dieter Broers who is a german bio physician and an expert in the area of the application of electromagnetic fields on the human brain. Over the last 20 years he developed devices which help patients to get into a special state of consciousness which could otherwise only be achieved by psychedelic substances. In this state of consciousness which he describes as "standing at the door between the conscious and the subconscious mind" it is possible to come to insights about the root causes for illnesses or psychological problems the patient is struggeling with. By understanding the deeper reasoning behind their illness the patients can then take measures to resolve the root cause of their problems.

When I first learned about his method I was pretty stunned because when I "left the Matrix" I went through several very intense transformative experiences within a period of about 3 weeks. Besides several unintended out of body experiences, the usual Messiah complex and experiencing what I would refer to as "universal consciousness" I also had the distinct experience of "breaking though the wall to my own subconscious" and the insights I came to during this breakthrough experience were at the core of my own transformation. It was pretty much the turning point where I managed to put things back together again and understood "who I really am" and that I had to start dealing with my own dark side hidden in my subconscious.

Now here comes the really interesting part of the story : Over the last years Dieter Broers finetuned his work and discovered that the frequencies he was using in his device were very similar to the frequencies that are emitted from the gamma-ray bursts from the galactic center as well as solar flares from our sun.

Once you combine this with the discovery of NASA released in December 2008 that within the last years the earth's magnetosphere unexpectedly developed a breach that is four times wider that Earth's diameter which reduces the shielding from radiation from outer space ( NASA article ) then you have to ask yourself, if there might be a connection.

This reduced shielding seems to be a double-edged sword : If you are living directly beneath this hole you might be subject to unpleasant radiation which your skin might react to in an undesirable way but for the rest of the planet there seems to be a positive effect as the reduced shielding will allow the entry and distribution of frequencies which can help to elevate human consciousness to a new level. If the same frequencies that Dr. Broers uses in his device are collectively applied to all of humanity...What could happen ? Maybe a spontaneous evolution ? A collective enlightenment ?

The complete research of Dr. Dieter Broers is currently only available in a german book titled "Revolution 2012" so this might only be of interest for people familiar with german language. He also gave a very interesting radio interview - also only in german - which is available for free here : CropFM Interview
For those who do not speak german there might be some good news aswell : He summarized his findings in a documentary which was shown at Cannes 2009 and will be released in Germany on DVD this november - hopefully also with an english soundtrack :

The interesting part will be how we manage to build our pathway into the future based on the mess we have gotten ourselves into. The main question for me still is whether we are granted the option of a "fast path solution" which I see at least some potential for or whether we will go for the "long and winding road" which pretty much follows the time schedule that Clif High and his webbot are predicting. I decided to prepare for the latter and still keep all my focus on the first because I think there is reason for this hope :

If you look at how much could have gone wrong over the last two years alone and how incredibly small chances were that we managed to maintain system stability for so long then there is reason to believe that we will experience another highly unlikely event which could transform the mess we got ourselves into rather quickly. But one thing is certain : The system we currently live in will have to fail and it has to fail in such an obvious and shocking way that the majority of the people who manage to survive the experience of this crash will have no desire to rebuild a similar system but will rather be open for completely new concepts of organizing society.

As far as a resolution of the chaos and despair we will find ourselves in shortly is concerned I pretty much support all aspects of Clif High's recent reports - except for his timing because I think we should aim to shorten the transition phase significantly in order to reduce global suffering. We will have to re-organize ourselves in a decentralized way, we will have to completely abolish the concept of central control because it is the corruption of centralized control that has gotten us in this mess and we will not solve it just by replacing the old corrupt leaders with new corrupt leaders. The only way will be to completely abolish the system and since the majority of the people will not understand the necessity for this step we might have to watch the system destroy itself first before we can start over.

Interesting times ahead...Let's get comfortable in our handbasket and do our part in setting the course it takes

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