Monday, November 1, 2010

Dismantling materialism and becoming aware of the reality construct

Since we're approaching another potential exit point to the global madness shortly, I decided to write another short blog which is kind of an addendum to my "big picture" blog from 2008. I will share a few more thoughts that helped me to make sense of the recent global developments aswell as an outlook towards the future.

Once the reality rug is pulled out from under our feet I see three major viewpoints that will become popular to explain what happened :

People with an atheistic mindset who believe in darwinian theory of evolution will have to quickly install the conspiracy plugin to maintain consistency of their purely materialistic model of reality in order to explain away unexplainable coincidences as acts of human manipulation. The intelligence for orchestrating the upcoming events must be located somewhere and if your worldview does not allow this intelligence to be part of the reality construct, you'll have to find materialistic explainations for it. So good luck to this group in inventing a loooot of new conspiracy theories.

People with a theistic mindset will probably thrive on the notion that the "days of judgement" have come and that their God will now fix all problems of the world. While such a solution might be desirable from the viewpoint of each religious group it inherently denies their own responsibility and shifts the blame on all others which is not what the learning experience of "Learning Lab Earth" is all about, so good luck to this group aswell in waiting for external salvation.

People with a holistic mindset might be best off as long as they don't have any dogma standing in their path of expansion. I consider the ability to think on multiple levels of reality at the same time is key to making sense of reality itself. The days of flat-earth-thinking are numbered because these models of reality will not be able to explain the upcoming events.

The dismantling of dogmatic beliefs will be a key issue for all three groups because dogma is not only standing in the path of our individual but especially in the path of our collective development. Even though a lot of individual beliefs have been questioned by the people who have woken up in the recent past, the vast majority of collective beliefs are still quite rigid and will require to be shattered in their foundations even more intensly. The main result I expect from this shakeup is that the upcoming events will neither be explainable as a collection of coincidences nor as an act from God and that the quest for the intelligence behind the plot will lead to interesting conclusions.

I labeled this blog "Dismantling materialism and becoming aware of the reality construct" because this title represents the conclusion I expect to be drawn by humanity as a result of this quest. Once the dogma of a purely materialistic world view is cracked open a whole new way of perceiving the world becomes possible : If the material world is not absolute anymore but just a reflection of an underlying information construct then the material world is no longer objective. With that the core premise of science "we live in an objective universe" goes out the window and the removal of the roadblock of objectivity will then open new pathways to understand reality itself.

This new understanding of reality will allow for a completely new take also on its hidden and suppressed aspects. Let's take my pet subject of 9/11 as an example on which I altered my views slightly compared to my older blogs : The notion that human masterminds within western goverment plotted this event in order to deceive their own population and advance their agenda of world domination and total population control only holds true to some extent. When looking at it from a higher level 9/11 was created as a result of the collective state of mind of all of humanity at that time. It was a reflection of the vast extent of hypocrisy that western culture is built upon, it fulfilled the desire of large portions of the well-off population to maintain the status quo just a little longer and it fulfilled the expectations of large parts of the poor population that nothing will ever change. Additionally to that it also was an excellent example for the theory of radical constructivism and its insight that the world view you hold in your mind limits your ability to see what is really going on. So those elements within western governments who staged the fake "war on terror" already knew in advance that they could count on the ignorance of the masses because people just don't want to face that their entire civilization is built on monstrous lies and that the population will rather accept more new lies than facing the entire pile of old lies.

When moving up another layer of reality you can see that even those who plotted the fake "war on terror" have been used themselves since they unknowingly planted one of the most important truth detonators in the collective consciousness of humanity. On this level of reality you can see an intelligence at work that is not originating from within the conscious mind of humans. This intelligence is located within the reality construct itself but it is influenced by human thought and emotion and it is this intelligence that came up with a solution to reveal this pile of monstrous lies of human civilization in a way that would blow all individual human minds out of the water by confronting them with their own ignorance in a paradigm-shattering way. This process of a precisely timed shattering the global paradigm requires access to the lifes of so many individual people that not even the best conspiracy of the world could control it but as long as the grand masterplan of waking up humanity through shock therapy is unknown to most people the reality construct can invent sub-conspiracies which can be very real and the people involved in them can thrive on the illusion of controlling an "important" aspect the world. But as long as they are knowingly deceiving and manipulating other people they will be unknowingly deceived and manipulated by the reality construct to teach them a lesson.

Enabling unique life experiences seems to be very high up on the priority list of the reality construct and dismantling the illusions and reveiling parts of the reality construct itself has such profound implications on the collective experience of all players in the game that the construct itself is ensuring that no truthspeaker crosses the line of plausible deniability until the right time of a global unveiling has come. So it is not about bringing down the illusions by force from the inside but rather about building awareness on a mental level which erodes the foundation of these illusions and causes them to implode under their own weight and thus opening up a completely new learning experience for those who choose to remain in the game.

When looking at the current state of reality with respect to finances and the economy it looks like most of the foundation and supporting structure of the surface reality has been removed but the thin crust still miraculously bears the applied load. So let's see where the next steps of this process are about to take us. I don't see any besides collapse but after what happened over the last 3 years I'm increasingly open for more miracles even though we might not have earned any more miracles by being so collectivly ignorant and just blindly heading towards catastrophy. Sticking with the image of a thin crust probably the most desireable solution would be not a total collapse but that all government institutions and the big global corporations just sink through the crust and disappear from the surface of reality while the infrastructure to rebuilt society from a grassroot level remains intact and enables those who survive the collapse of civilization to self-organize instantly.

This part of the near-term future still remains in deep layers of fog, so it is upto humanity as a collective to write the next pages of the script. We should never forget that all those shadows on the wall which appear to be chasing us into an abyss are derived from thought forms and emotions which we have come up with collectively but what if this mechanism is revealed to us by the events playing out ? Will we deny responsibility for our own creations and allow them to kill us off or will we take responsibility for the past and by doing so regain the power to create a better future in a conscious manner ? The time to choose is upon us.

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